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At Food of Scotland, we are proud to support local independent producers. Our local artisans make some of the best produce in Scotland. We’re really excited to share with you what we love about some of our fantastic suppliers.

Heather Hills Preserves & Honey

Heather Hills is a traditional family-run honey farm. They’ve been hand-making honey since 1945. Their speciality is 100% pure, raw honey. 

One of the things we love about Heather Hills is how well they treat their bees. They don’t believe in mass production. They give their bees space to roam and be healthy. Because they don’t cram as many hives as they can into every space, their bees create better-tasting honey. 

If you are a fan of Manuka honey, then we recommend trying Heather Hills Scottish Heather Honey. According to researchers at Glasgow University, it has all the same healing properties. 

If you’re in the mood for something sweet and fruity, then you could give their small-batch jams a try. Made by hand, with Perthshire grown fruit, these jams have won awards; they’re so good. We can particularly recommend the blackcurrant flavour - it’s incredible.

Rannoch Smokery

Rannoch Smokery has a well-deserved reputation for creating sensationally flavoured meat. The aim to provide an authentic taste of the Scottish Highlands, by using locally sourced meat, with venison from Schiehallion and beef from Aberdeenshire.

They win so many awards every year that we’d be here forever if we listed them all! If you want to see what all the fuss is about we recommend trying their flagship smoked venison. If venison isn’t your style, then you should go for their smoked duck. It is flavoured with coriander garlic and thyme, and it truly is divine.

Perthshire Oatcakes

Perthshire Oatcakes are yet another of our suppliers who are always winning awards for how great their products taste. They hand make all their oatcakes following recipes that have been handed down over the centuries. You won’t find many things so steeped in tradition that taste so good.

The folks at who make Perthshire Oatcakes have elevated this staple of Scottish farmers and created some amazing and delightful flavours. The best selling is still the traditional oatcakes, which are the perfect accompaniment to cheese, salmon, or even just as they are.

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